Religous Saint Joan of Arc Strength and Courage and Cross Bangle Bracelet Silver Color

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This is a beautiful Holy Medal bead bracelet that features stylized decorated charms. I believe religious medals incorporated in jewelry gives a person a sense of feeling closer to someone or someone they love.

  • Beautiful Holy Medal Bracelet with Saint Joan of Arc
  • Size: 2.5 inch opening for a small to medium size wrist
  • One of a Kind Hanging Medal of Joan with crystal charm and trinity cross
  • Joan of Arc has been a popular figure in literature, painting, sculpture, and other cultural works since the time of her death, and many famous writers, filmmakers and composers have created works about her.
  • Easy hook latch bangle bracelet can be worn alone or with multiple bracelets    
  • Each item is packaged in a lovely gift box with a non tarnish jewelers fiber pad. To extend the life of your jewelry avoid contact with water and chemicals such as soap and household cleaners, and store in a jewelry box