Sacramental Gifts from The Heart: You Are Part of Something Wonderful

Posted by Rosemarie Bauer on

I love the tradition of giving gifts to those making the sacraments. To me, a religious gift brings hope and inspiration and truly has meaning especially for these religious occasions. I still wear my cross necklace and adore my beautiful Mary statue from my celebrations.

Jewelry is a popular gift for First Communion Day. This is a particularly blessed time in one's life. I am inspired by this sacramental collection of bracelets, medals, earrings, and necklaces to treasure. Many thoughts and feelings go into these events. I know that wearing a special jewelry piece for the first time on my celebration day created a special feeling. It has a cherished meaning for me and I treasure every time that I wear it, and I will, for the rest of my life.

The joy of finding that truly exceptional religious jewelry piece is amazing. The focus of Confirmation is the acceptance of the Holy Spirit, so many in the collection featuring a dove. Patron saints are chosen as Confirmation names. My patron saint is St. Theresa. I chose her because I admired her convictions and strength. Her virtues were well known and she won over my heart. 

I have had the privilege of being a Confirmation sponsor. Sponsor gifts are a nice way to commemorate the celebration. My hope is that you will find inspiring jewelry that features your favorite icons and meaningful symbols. 

You can give memories too beautiful to forget.

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